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Pirogov Children’s Ward

A wall in the hospital with big drawings of dinosaurs and texts around them.
Four Plus
Four Plus
text editing and copywriting

Four years after their first large-scale intervention to improve the children’s wing of Pirogov Hospital through wall paintings and a new navigation system, Four Plus studio have been invited to continue their work for the floor of the Children’s Infectious Diseases Department at Pirogov Hospital. Their task was to brighten up 5 rooms along with the corridors of the ward. This included making about 30 illustrations, as well as applying the already developed way-finding system. They decide to dedicate the floor to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs.

Four Plus involved Studio Komplekt to turn the dry information into lively, entertaining and kid-friendly texts. After experimenting with different approaches, we finally settled on an engaging style. The short bio for each species is presented as if the Dinosaur itself has written it. The ultimate goal was to distract kids and their parents from their current worries while simultaneously awakening their curiosity and helping them learn something new.

Get acquainted in detail with this meaningful project in Behance’s profile of Four Plus, where you can trace all the graphic solutions and illustrations made by the studio.