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Form and Function: 21 Century Bulgarian Design

Events Consulting
MD Magazine
MD Magazine
a selection of Bulgarian product designs for the annual event Expo Mebel

At the invitation of MD Magazine, Komplekt was given the task to organize an exclusive exhibition that would showcase examples of contemporary Bulgarian product design to the visitors of the annual exhibition Expomebel 2023. The exhibition is an accompanying teaser event to an upcoming book on Bulgarian product design in the 21st century, which presents 50 Bulgarian designers and studios with their developed products, expected to be released in June 2023. The publisher of the collection is Bistra Shishkova, the editor-in-chief of MD magazine, and we at Komplekt had the pleasure of writing the preface to the bilingual 400 pages edition. 

Within 4 days, nearly 2500 visitors of Expomebel and the Architectural and Construction Week explored the exhibition, located in the central foyer of the Inter Expo Center. They had the opportunity to see 22 impressive products in terms of design and functionality by 17 successful Bulgarian designers and studios, five of which have been honored with the prestigious international Red Dot design award.

The exhibition showcased products with different functions and aesthetics, including inflatable snowmobiles, a half-bicycle, an electric surfboard, a biodegradable pregnancy test, a rocking children's chair, and more, paying tribute to the creativity, imagination, and innovative thinking of contemporary Bulgarian designers.