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InnoAir: Next Generation Urban Mobility

An illustration of a walking girl with a mobile phone in hand. Description of the app.
Consulting Communication Design
Sofia Development Association
Sofia Development Association
Conduct design seminars and come up with specific solutions for communicating two services related to innovative urban mobility in Sofia

Sofia Development Association introduces, tests and takes care of progressive projects for the urban environment. One of their latest and larger-scale ones is related to the topic of Green Mobility. Under the name INNOAIR for the last 3 years the team has been working on the introduction of on-demand electric transport in selected Sofia neighborhoods and also on a mobile app, which encourages citizens to get out of their cars and walk more or go around with bicycles, thus identifying green corridors with reduced emissions and ultimately contributing to the improvement of the air quality in Sofia.

Komplekt was involved in the final stage of the project as consultants and collaborators in "packaging" two of the services within the INNOAIR project and promoting them to the citizens of Sofia. After several design seminars and discussions, user surveys, and needs analysis, we arrived at specific approaches that would effectively and sustainably meet the needs of the services. For the process, we engaged a designer with experience in data analysis and formatting them into attractive and easily readable graphics - Asya Koleva.

Transport On Demand: The service is being introduced as a pilot project in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in Sofia and the country as a whole – Manastirski Livadi – through 5 electric minibuses and the mobile application BUSINN. Building upon the existing visual materials of the established system, the task was to enhance it with appropriate informational materials that would cater to the habits and needs of the residents there. After meetings with active citizen groups on the ground, consultations with the Transportation Directorate of the Sofia Municipality, and other relevant research, we reached the implementation of the following materials: the design of bus stops for this additional urban transportation line, posters for distribution at key locations in the neighborhoods (supermarkets, restaurants, entrance areas, etc.), explanatory screen visuals for the usage method of the service on the website and for urban transportation. 

The mobile application SofiaCoin serves as an incentive for Sofia residents to reduce the use of private cars and opt for "green" modes of transportation – from walking and/or using public transportation to utilizing bicycles and scooters. Here, the task for Komplekt was to identify the appropriate channels and communication carriers with the citizens so that they become aware of the application and embrace the idea of using it. We once again held a meeting with potential ambassadors – high school students, urbanists, leaders in major business companies, and active cyclists. This led to the development of explanatory and attractive print materials to be distributed in the urban and digital environment. 

The success of achieving cleaner air in Sofia largely depends on changing the habits of its citizens, and improving traffic shapes their behavior. This implies a long and challenging process. However, the work on INNOAIR has given us an optimistic view of a potential model to follow, as well as the collaboration between the public sector, active citizens, creative industries, scientific communities, and businesses.