Sustainable practices in design and fashion

3rd June 2022

“Sustainable practices in design and fashion” is a series of discussions and presentations in five Bulgarian cities – Ruse (May 28), Burgas (June 7), Gabrovo (June 25), Varna (September) and Plovdiv (October). The events are on the initiative of the Liszt Institute – Hungarian Cultural Institute in Sofia, in partnership with Komplekt as curators and hosts of the discussions.

The discussions introduces the audience to a variety of practices that articulate an important change in the industry for greener production and nutrition. Combining science, design, technology and media, they offer new, closer to nature models for the use of raw materials.

Each of the selected Bulgarian cities hosts a discussion on sustainability with two guest speakers from Europe, as well as an exhibition with 24 representations of sustainable fashion and design brands from the Visegrad countries.

Responsible attitudes and environmental practices are even more urgently needed in the context of major climate change. The selected participants have a significant role in this change. Although with different approaches, they are united by their serious efforts to reduce their negative environmental impact and to establish the trend towards a more ethical and sustainable lifestyle through design.

SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES IN DESIGN AND FASHION is a project by EUNIC Bulgaria, Liszt Institute Sofia and Studio Komplekt. EUNIC — European Union National Institutes for Culture — is Europe’s network of national cultural institutes and organisations, with 36 members from all EU member states and associated countries. EUNIC Bulgaria brings to life European cultural collaboration in Bulgaria, drawing on the broad experience of our members from all EU member states and associate countries.

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