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МELBA is a dynamic bilingual archive, curated and created by us in partnership with NEXT-DC and the financial support of Sofia Municipality Culture Program 2017. It is dedicated to everything exciting and worthy in contemporary Bulgarian design. It archives memorable and valuable developments in the national design’s history. 

MELBA’s mission is to present the various manifestations of the discipline and to infiltrate an inconspicuous but persistent sense of the meaningful and evolving impact of design on every aspect of our life.

MELBA is a creative community and an occasion for introducing its members and their work to other audiences, both professional and nonprofessional ones. was launched on the 13th of December 2017 with 45 participants and a news section. MELBA will grow in web content, MELBA LIVE events and an annual festival of design and creativity in Sofia in order to become a powerful source of support and  inspiration for the local creative community.

MELBA is a project by Studio Komplekt — a collective for culture and creative consultancy, with focus on content development through texts, events and special projects. If you are interested to work with the presented designers, please contact us / for more information.

The realisation of MELBA is possible thanks to our partnership with NEXT-DC (visual identity and website design) and the financial support of  Sofia Municipality Culture Program 2017. Portraits –Mihail Novakov. Text and editing – Anita Tabahneva.

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