On the 22nd of October from 18:30 at Generator, Sofia, MELBA LIVE 8 will present three projects, collaborations between: interior design and design thinking; production design and digital art; poetry and animation. Traditionally, every two months,  MELBA LIVE meets the Bulgarian audience with local design heroes who revel ongoing and remarkable projects.


Antonina Ilieva from the architectural studio DontDIY and Elina Zheleva from launchlabs will tell more about their collaboration – how the work between interior designers and specialists in design thinking can contribute to a better experience for their clients.


The visual artists Eva Ventova and Vladislav Iliev – Vladzen will present an installation – the result of a combination between production design and visual arts.


Vesela Dancheva from Compote Collective will reveal more details about a project which is combination between poetry and animation.


MELBA LIVE are series of curated meetings, at which we are getting acquainted with up-to-date and remarkable projects realised by local design heroes. The invited guests are sharing experiences, as the main focus is the ideas, details and processes behind each project. Likewise, the online MELBA archive, here we rely on the quality and deliberate blending of design spheres and the aggregation of strong ideas with potential to make a change and develop a better environment.


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