MINI Countryman

5th April 2017

Presentation of the new MINI Countryman

Exhibition – Add Stories

Client: Noble Graphics

Specification: Exhibition, organisation, communication


set desogn – Eva Ventova

illustration – Chark Collective

video – Phormatik Visual Lab

text – Bossilena Melteva, Emil Dilkin

sound design – Kaloyan Dimitrov

February 2017

mini red

A three day exhibition on the occasion of the new MINI Countryman launch in Bulgaria in the PhotoSynthesis gallery in Sofia. The main curatorial idea is to give shape to the slogan “add stories”, part of the international campaign of the brand, through three art installations with the participation of Bulgarian artists from the field of design, video, illustration, text and sound.

In the first installation the visitors can enjoy the adventurous stories of six Bulgarian travelеrs from around the world. Their adventures are from the Rhodope Mountains, Tassos, the Arctic Ocean, Peru etc. The visitors of the show can take a seat in the specially for the event designed hammock (by Eva Ventova) and listen to the stories.


The second installation presents a video installation by Phormatik Visual Lab, which shows what is happening at some of the best ski resorts in the world via live streams. The last installation inspires to take different tours around Bulgaria with the new MINI Countryman with illustrations made by Chark Collective on a site-specific table designed by Eva Ventova. Additionally one can read about interesting local recipes from the book – Delicious Geography published by Tochitsa.


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