Studio Komplekt is a creative team for cultural management. The studio tells stories, produces and presents contemporary developments in design, art and architecture by publications, exhibitions and content, online and live. Komplekt supports the Bulgarian visual culture and aims to strengthen the connection between the creative industries, business, cultural institutions and the audience, and the consumer.

Studio Komplekt is а consultancy and curatorial agency. Starting with the client and context, the studio can oversee every stage from future vision and creative concept through artists selection, production and delivery.

Studio Komplekt are Adriana Andreeva and Boiana Gjaurova. They have worked as editors and editor in chief for Edno Magazine and have been involved in the international design and visual culture festival ONE DESIGN WEEK since its beginning in 2009. From 2011 till 2015 they have been responsible for the program and the realization of the event. After seven years working together Adriana and Boiana decided to start their own studio. Their curatorial projects have been shown at Milano Design Week/ iSaloni, ONE DESIGN WEEK, Vienna Design Week, Helsinki Design World Capital, Skopje Design Week, Tirana Design Weeks and Budapest Design Week.

Photo: Mihail Novakov

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